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Roosevelt Abellard

Owner and Director, Overage Refund Solutions, LLC

Highly motivated, detail-oriented, always willing to help others with over 10+ years of experience in the financial services industry. As owner and director of Overage Refund Solutions, my goal in this business is to work and help individuals who were involved in an unfortunate circumstance of a tax or mortgage foreclosure. After the auction/foreclosure, the previous owner(s) are potentially owed excess funds due to the sale. If excess funds are available, this can be a fresh start for someone to utilize the funds to buy another home or simply used for expenses, etc.

Overage Refund Solutions is represented by
Attorney William Whitman of Whitman, LLC. 

Whitman, LLC helps business owners, managers, and individuals solve their business and legal problems so they can get back to doing what matters most to them. Three things distinguish William from many other law firms: his business mindset, his creative, entrepreneurial spirit, and his focus on providing value. Whitman, LLC values long-term relationships, working together with clients, and learning from each other. 

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